Served 20 years in the US Navy as a Chief Fire Controlman specializing in the Tomahawk Weapon System. During this time, I have self taught myself to be a jack of all trades dealing with websites over the last 12 years.

Would like to turn my hobby and passion of Web Development into a career. Also currently developing my SEO service website at Virginia Beach SEO


I consider myself an expert on WordPress. I have used this CMS for a very long time now and have created video tutorials on how to use it.


I also consider myself very proficient with front end coding. The majority of volunteer work I do is helping people fix these issue.


When it comes to coding I can definitely get by. I do not consider myself an expert but I can write and modify code to get the job done.

Search Engine Optimization

This is really where most of my interest lies. I have had a great amount of success in the past and have kept up to do with the most recent methods and trends.

Digital Marketing

I love how Adwords and Facebook advertising brings in immediate results. I have had more positive campaigns than negative by far. So by that means I would consider myself very proficient but not quite an expert.







Search Engine Optimization

Affiliate Marketing

Google Adwords

Google Adsense

Adobe Photoshop

Web Hosting

Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint

Graphic Design

1996 - 2016

United States Navy

Tomahawk Strike Manager

Trained to troubleshoot and repair their systems, as well as operate weapon systems on-board surface combatant ships. Trained in the repair, maintenance, operation and employment of the Tomahawk Weapon System.

Graduate of the Advanced Electronics / Computer Field which includes extensive training in all aspects of electronics including computer systems, radars, communications systems and weapons fire control systems such as the Navy's advanced missile system, Aegis.

Typical duties include:

Provide system employment recommendations

Perform organizational and intermediate maintenance on digital computer equipment, subsystems, and systems; operate and maintain combat and weapons direction systems, surface-to-air and surface-to-surface missile systems, and gun fire control systems at the organizational and intermediate level

Inspect, test, align, and repair micro/minicomputers and associated peripheral equipment, data conversion units, data display equipment, data link terminal equipment, print devices, and system related equipment; make analysis for detailed systems, computer programs, electronics, and electronic casualty control

Operate associated built-in and external test equipment

Load, initialize, and run preprogrammed diagnostic, performance and testing routines for digital computer equipment, digital subsystems, digital systems, and overall combat systems.


Spent 3 years teaching the operation and maintenance of the Tomahawk Weapon Control System.

Safety Officer

Served 2 years being responsible for safety. Drafted all safety reports, conducted safety inspections, and held safety training.

Tactical Trainer

Spent 3 years as a tactical trainer on all US Navy ships out of Norfolk Virginia. Instructed the employment of the Tomahawk Weapon System ending in the ships certification allowing them to deploy the weapon system on deployment.

Command Financial Specialist

Served 2 years as the financial specialist at my Command. Was responsible for counseling and training the Command in all aspects of personal financial responsibility.

Departmental Leading Chief Petty Officer

Served 2 years of supervising 45+ Sailors in the Weapons Department whoose responsibilities were the deployment of weapon systems.

2010 - Present

oDesk / Upwork

Freelance Web Developer

Completed over 100 freelance jobs all receiving a perfect 5.0 feedback score. My Profile

2002 - Present


Web Development / SEO / Digital Marketing

I decided to go the non tradition route of education and learned by trial and error and failures. My primary means of education were video tutorials, books, and utilizing an amazing online community of people willing to share their knowledge and help me learn.

Even though I never received my degree I have learned much more than I ever would of going to college. Not to mention I made 5 times as much more money than it would of cost to get a degree.

1992 - 1996

Harlem High School

Machesney Park, IL

I specialized in taking as few classes as possible and never taking any homework home. Spent my classes just doing the homework while the teacher was talking about something. Traditional learning was never for me. Always seemed very boring, slow, and never a challenge.


DigitalPoint Moderator

With my spare time I gave back to the community that helped get me going. DigitalPoint at the time was the largest online forums for webmasters. Due to my extremely helpful responses to the community I was selected to be a moderator. Only a handful of people have been able to earn that position. My Profile



I was also an active member on the warriorforum forums. These forums are more along the lines of marketing. My Profile


uBot Moderator

I started getting involved in some awesome software called uBot. It is an automation type software that you can automate web tasks. During this time, I made a website for video tutorials and helped thousands of people learn how to use the software. So naturally I dipped into their affiliate program and made over 5 figures while an affiliate and before I sold the website that was hosting the video tutorials.

Since being a very helpful member of this community I was made a moderator of their support forums. My Profile


WordPress Support

Part of learning WordPress CMS for me was reading posts from community members on their forums. So after I became a self proclaimed expert I gave back to the community. On their forums I have answered and resolved more than 550 of users problems. My Profile


The Biggest Loser

Created a website based off the NBC TV show The Biggest Loser. The purpose of the website was just going to be a show recap and general news outlet. After the site was completed I started working on SEO for a few months. Within no time I was ranked #2 in Google, right behind the main website.

I took full advantage of this position and monetized the site through The Biggest Loser Club affiliate program and Google Adsense. During the season I was averaging a few thousand visitors a day with a higher peak on the day of airing.

After the show started dying down a few seasons later and I noticed the revenue dropping consistently I decide to see the site for $10,000.


Myspace Layouts

If you remember Myspace and were a user you might remember that you could customize your layout by copy/pasting some code into your profile. Well I had one of those sites that people would find layouts and use them. After a few months of SEO I achieved page 1 results for a highly competitive keyword (myspace layouts). The site was receiving 15,000 - 20,000 visitors a day and I never did try to monetize the traffic.

Shortly after getting page 1 rankings I sold the website for $12,000.


Pregnancy Website #1

After doing some keyword research trying to find some profitable niches I discovered that there was a good opportunity in the pregnancy niche. There are 42 weeks in a typical pregnancy and for each week the searches get a good amount of traffic. For instance, people would search for (18 weeks pregnant). So I outsourced 42 articles to be written for each week of pregnancy and made a site.

After some SEO work I was ranking on page 1 or 2 on Google for most of the weeks during a pregnancy. Once again I never got around to monetizing the traffic but I found a buyer for the website for $8,000.


Pregnancy Website #2

After I sold the site above I thought to myself I didn't sign a non compete agreement so I just did the same process all over again. Spending minimal time and money on the articles I repeated the results with SEO. I contacted the same people I sold the other site to and they quickly grabbed that one for $10,000. The only thing I did different with this one is I built a FaceBook page for the site and gather 10,000 followers to go along with the sale.

Digital Marketing


Doing some more keyword research I found the product P90X by Beachbody to be a very good. The searches per day were insane and the competition was low. Instead of SEO I went the digital marketing route on this one. I created a website utilizing a $20 script that just pulls ebay listings and displays them on my site. At the time ebays affiliate program was paying $25 for every new user that signs up and buys something if you directed them to their site. This was going to be my goal.

I created a very simple Adwords campaign using P90X and misspellings as the keywords. The traffic started pouring in and the affiliate sales were coming in even faster. I don't want to disclose my exact earnings but I can tell you the ROI was way better than expected. The reason I won't disclose the amount is because Beachbody sent me a Cease and Desist letter. What they wanted me to do was to stop bidding on their trademarked keyword of P90X. Google is the one that allows us to bid on trademarked keywords so it was not illegal. There were plenty of companies that already took Google to court about this and lost. So what Beachbody was doing is basically just bullying me by threating legal action even though they would have nothing to stand on. Since I have a top secret clearance and was going on a 6 month deployment in the very near future I decided just to comply. They won that battle, but after a $30 investment and 30 minutes worth of work I made out way more than imagined.

Digital Marketing

uBot Tutorials

I found some really cool software called uBot Studio and started playing around with it. The software allows you to automate tasks on a browser. Once I learned it pretty well I made a website and a bunch of video tutorials on how to use the product. This lead me to join their affiliate program where I earned around $1500 a month for a long while.

WordPress Plugins

Database Plugins

Got bored one day and decided to make some WordPress plugins to sell on Was never really expecting a large amount of sales, just wanted to test out how the market is. If I had more time and ideas I would most likely be submitting more plugins to the marketplace.